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This package was inspired by MATLAB's msalign function which allows alignment of multiple signals to reference peaks.

Quick installation

pip install msalign

Quick usage

import numpy as np
from msalign import msalign

filename = r"./example_data/msalign_test_data.csv"
data = np.genfromtxt(filename, delimiter=",")
x = data[1:, 0]
array = data[1:, 1:].T
peaks = [3991.4, 4598, 7964, 9160]

aligned = msalign(x, array, peaks, weights=[60, 100, 60, 100], only_shift=False)


Zoom-in on each peak the spectrum was aligned against


Example alignment

In the Examples you will find a couple of examples that showcase the performance of msalign against synthetic and real examples.


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